Control Flood in Earthen Pond

Just like every other business, catfish farming has its own challenges. Fish farmers sometimes do encounter heartbreaking disasters, especially when making use of earthen ponds. However, Pond management is critical to the success of fish farming. One unforeseen disaster that affects fish farmers especially in Africa is flooding. There are advantages and disadvantages of catfish […]

Catfish farming facts

Catfish farming is an important industry that provides high-quality protein to consumers around the world. It has also gained popularity, especially in Africa where many have ventured into the business as their main source of livelihood. The industry has grown rapidly in recent years and is now a significant source of income for many farmers […]

Catfish Pond Management

Pond management is an essential aspect of catfish farming that can either make or break the success of the business. Catfish farming is lucrative but that does not mean that there are no challenges associated with the business. To be successful in this business, one must be trained and know how to source relevant information […]

Make Catfish Feed Home

There has been a lot of unbalanced information regarding the activities of catfish both during the day and at night. The question of when catfish are most active remains a debate for most fish farmers. Many believe that catfish activities are more at night; while others argue that they have more energy during the daytime. […]

catfish not eating

Why are my catfish not eating? This has become the most asked question when it comes to fish behaviour especially when they are newly purchased. Most often, new catfish farmers get worried when they notice that the newly purchased fingerlings or juveniles are not aggressively rushing for food as they ought to. In this post, […]

challenges in fish farming

Fish farming is one of the best and fast money-spinning businesses in the 21st century. However, farmers still have challenges in terms of scaling up the fish farming business. Despite the problems confronting people in fish farming, anyone with the right skill could venture into it and make reasonable money. Fish farming has a lot […]

Pond Size for 1000 Catfish

The size of the pond in use matters a lot when it comes to the growth of fish. In this post, we will show you the best pond size for growing about 1000 catfish up to the maturity stage. Majority of new catfish farmers prefer to start fish farming with about 1000 catfish with the […]

Common Catfish Diseases

What do you do when you see your fish floating in the water? What comes to your mind when you see that the catfish you stocked are dying one after another? I bet you will lose hope in the business due to the fund already invested. That is the reason we decided to walk you […]

Advantages of earthen pond

Welcome back to Marywil tutorial blog. In today’s post, we have decided to look into the advantages and disadvantages of an earthen fish pond. We have established earlier that catfish or rather fish farming is a lucrative business with high returns on investment (ROI). This post, however, came up as a result of different email […]

Identify types of catfish

Catfish is now becoming more preferred to other types of fish. Virtually every family in Africa eats catfish not just because of its taste but because it is reach in protein and a good source of Omega3. However, not every catfish is tasty like the others. Therefore, there is need to know how to identify […]