what duckweed need to survive

Duckweed is a popular plant used by fish farmers to cut down on the amount they spend on fish feed. The weed is easy to grow and rich in nutrients. However, for duckweed to grow and thrive, it needs certain environmental conditions. In this article, we will explore what duckweed needs to survive whether in […]

How to Grow Duckweed in Catfish Pond

Duckweed is a type of aquatic plant that is often used in aquaculture as a food source for fish and other aquatic animals. In this post, we will discuss how to grow duckweed in fish pond. Research has revealed that weed is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, making it an excellent source of nutrition […]

How to Grow Duck Weed

In recent times, fish farmers have been looking for a way to reduce the amount they spend in feeding their fish so as to maximize profit. So, in this post, we will be looking at how to grow duck weed. The recent hike in fish feed has prompted farmers into finding alternatives to fish feed. […]