commercial snail farming in Nigeria

Welcome to Marywilfarms, a training site where we show you all you need to know about engaging your time profitably. In this article, I am going to teach you how to start commercial snail farming in Nigeria and the requirements for the start-up. There is no doubt that snail rearing is one of the most […]

farming business in Nigeria

Over the years, agriculture as man’s original source of livelihood suffered neglect following the discovery of crude oil. The agricultural sector was the most flourishing sector of Nigeria’s economy in the 70s. in Nigeria today, the business of farming that gave hope to many families has been neglected. The recent oil crash globally had an […]

Earthen Fish Pond construction

Perhaps, you have been looking for how to go about earthen fish pond treatment or rather the construction. We have that covered in this post. In this article, you will learn not just how to construct an earthen fish pond but also the treatment aspect. Understand that fish farming is a source of both food […]

catfish farming concrete pond

Catfish rearing in Nigeria has proven to be a lucrative business. This is due to the high demand for fresh fish as it is popularly called and the shortage of such in our rivers. Statistics show that Nigeria is the largest African aquaculture producer with a production output of over 15,000 tons per annum. There […]