Ways to Multiply Banana

Large-scale plantain/banana farming has not been easy for many farmers due to the prohibitive cost of good suckers. Over the years, farmers waited for a long period of time to be able to multiply the few suckers available on their farms thereby making business frustrating and unattractive. The experience is different today. Thanks to researchers […]

How Lucrative is Bitter Leaf Farming

Do you want to know more about bitter leaf farming and how lucrative the business is? We will show you a few things we know, how you can start and make a lot of money. In this post I’ll be answering some questions on: What is Bitter Leaf? Bitter leaf is a medicinal plant known […]

Best Farming Business Ideas

Welcome back. We have created this post to show you what we consider the best farming business ideas you can make money from. You can term it “good agricultural business ideas”. Farming is as old as man. You could trace this back to Eden in the scriptures when God instructed the first man and woman […]

Small Vegetable Farm

Scent leaf farming is most profitable among other vegetables you could grow in Nigeria

Organic Farm Business Ideas

This article promises to explain what organic farming is, list of farm business ideas and why organic farming is the best. Over the years, the demand for natural food has continued to be on the increase following the discovery that chemically grown and preserved foods are cancer coursing agents. Researches have shown that food and […]

Raise Capital For Farming Business

Agribusiness is a multimillionaire industry in Nigeria but intending farmers are always faced with how to raise capital for farming. How do small farmers obtain capital for farming? I think this post will address part of this question. Raising capital has always been an issue when it comes to starting a new venture not just […]

farming business in Nigeria

Over the years, agriculture as man’s original source of livelihood suffered neglect following the discovery of crude oil. The agricultural sector was the most flourishing sector of Nigeria’s economy in the 70s. in Nigeria today, the business of farming that gave hope to many families has been neglected. The recent oil crash globally had an […]