When Are Catfish Most Active ? Myth and Fact

bymarywil October 28, 2022 livestock farming 3 Comments
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There has been a lot of unbalanced information regarding the activities of catfish both during the day and at night. The question of when catfish are most active remains a debate for most fish farmers.

Many believe that catfish activities are more at night; while others argue that they have more energy during the daytime.

Well, catfish activities in the pond depend on a number of factors. We will look at these factors as we move forward.

When Are Catfish Most Active?

Let us answer this question by looking at the myth and the facts.

Myth: Catfish are more active at night

Fact: Catfish are active at all times both through the day and at night as well

Myth: Catfish eat better at night

Fact: Catfish eat whenever they are hungry. When catfish are not eating other factors could be responsible for it.

Myth: Catfish see more clearly at night

Fact: Catfish see all through the day and at night too. Though they may love dark environments for some reason but they see clearly all the time.

The thought that you only feed the fish in the day for better performance is nothing but misinformation. Thinking that feeding them at night will enhance their growth and performance is also wrong.

The fact remains that catfish eat whenever they are hungry, whether during the day or at night.

Factors That Affect Catfish Activities

There are factors that could affect how active catfish or any other type of fish supposed to be. These factors include but not limited to the:

1. Weather Condition: When the weather is too cold that the water in the fish pond is affected it reduces the activities of the fish. At this cold temperature, the fish will find it difficult to eat to.

To feed the fish during cold weather, you must have to wait till sunset so as to normalize the temperature of the water.

2. Diseases: Just like humans, one of the signs to show that something is wrong is the inability to eat. Whenever the catfish are not eating for more than 24hours is an indication that they are battling with on sickness or another. Outbreak of disease in the fish farm will definitely affect how active the fish are supposed to be.

3. Oxygen Level: Oxygen level in the water is very important to the lives of your fish. One good thing about changing water from the fish pond regularly is to maintain cleanliness of the water and good oxygen level.

Low oxygen in the water affects the vitality of the catfish and could lead to death. When your catfish struggle for oxygen, it will result to weakness and reduce how active are could be.


Having looked at the different believe of people, one can conclude that catfish does not have any particular time when they are most active. Though, few factors such as oxygen level in the water, disease and weather condition could affect their activities but their energy remain the same both in the day and at night.

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