Pond Size for 1000 Catfish: Calculation Made Easy

bymarywil October 16, 2022 livestock farming 19 Comments
Pond Size for 1000 Catfish
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The size of the pond in use matters a lot when it comes to the growth of fish. In this post, we will show you the best pond size for growing about 1000 catfish up to the maturity stage.

Majority of new catfish farmers prefer to start fish farming with about 1000 catfish with the intention of knowing how profitable the business is. Some even start with 5000 but the pond size for the 5000 fish they do not know.  Often time many complain that their fish did not grow as expected while others complain of mortality and stunted growth.

We have come to understand that among other factors that could lead to common catfish diseases and mortality in catfish farms that pond size matters. The bigger the pond or ponds the better the results.

In catfish farming, an accurate calculation is needed when it has to do with stocking. When the fish pond is overstocked, it exposes the fish to diseases, cannibalism and oxygen deficiency. However, our guide on stocking catfish in concrete and earthen ponds will teach you more about what to do.

How to Calculate Pond Size for 1000 Catfish

No matter the type of pond you use in raising the fish, be it a concrete pond, earthen pond, plastic pond, or tarpaulin pond, knowing the right size of the pond will help you determine the number of fish to be stocked. In determining the size that will comfortably house 1000 fish, we will calculate using concrete pond for better understanding.

The pond size capable of giving you the result you want is by square metre is 10ft by 15ft with 4ft dept. That is;

Width = 10 feet

Length= 15 feet

Dept = 4 feet. The dept can by 5ft or 6ft depending on the construction.

The formula for the calculation is

Width x Length x Dept/ 3

10 x 15 x 4/3

 600/3  = 200 sqm

5 x 200sqm = 1000

From the calculation, it means that 1000 catfish can comfortably be raised in a pond size of 200 square metre (10ft by 15ft with 4ft dept).

How many catfish can be in 1000 litre? If you have asked this question, you already have the answer.

Note: A square metre can contain five (5) catfish without any problem. In all, 5 catfish can manage 1sqm space comfortably.

Pond Sizes for Fingerlings

In this section, we will look at different pond sizes and their carrying capacity.

  • 1000 Litres Pond: This type of pond or tank can contain between 200-300 fingerlings. When they begin to grow bigger you sort them and retain between 50. Do not leave more than 60 fish if you want to experience stunted growth.
  • 2000 Litres Pond: For a 2000 litres tank, 500 fingerlings and juveniles can be stocked initially. If you indent to grow them to table size, the pond can only carry about 150-180 fish to avoid overstocking. Remember too much stocking affects the growth and health of the fish.
  • 5000 Litres Pond: This type of pond takes up to 1000 fingerling but for grout out, it can only take between 350 fish. Once the fingerlings begin to grow you sort them and remain between 350 and 370. The reason is to allow them enough space to grow.


Pond size matters whether you are growing or intend to grow 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1000, 200, or even 100 fish. Knowing the right size and capacity of your pond is important so as have a positive result in the end.

19 responses to “Pond Size for 1000 Catfish: Calculation Made Easy”

  1. 15by 10by 4 = 600 cbft³ ie cubic ft
    600/3= 200 ft³
    And not 200 Sqm (square meter)
    Sqm is for area of the pond(which excludes the height/depth)
    200 ft³ is the volume of the pond.
    Which is still quiet small for 1000 tables sized fish (because you’re looking at your pond with the hope of it containing 1000 1kg fish in 5mths).
    But this size I good for about 800 grown fish weighing about 1.2 to 1.5 kg in 5mths.

  2. Thanks so much bt my question is the calculation part how come the 5 *200 ? How do u get the 5?

  3. Thank you so much for the information, am planning to start the catfish farming but am sked of losing my money. But your explanation have made it easy for me now, I will be starting as soon as possible.

    Pls one more thing. Can you give me similar information on feeding calculation at least for 1,000 catfish as a starter. May the good God bless you for the information. Thank you once again.

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