Expert Advice for Producing High Quality Fish Feed

bymarywil January 17, 2022 livestock farming 2 Comments
High quality fish feed
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Understanding the importance of having or rather producing high quality fish feed as a fish farm is one of the most important factors to success in the fish farming business.

If you desire more profit in the business, as a farmer you should ensure fish feed quality standards.

Profitability in fish (catfish) farming is always achieved without the best quality fish feed. Understand also that knowledge is the key to every business venture.

Practical knowledge is required for the production of the best quality fish feed for profit maximization. Therefore, always seek knowledge going forward.

Advice for Producing High Quality Fish Feed

Good raw materials are the most important aspect of achieving fish feed quality standards. This is where many fish farmers fail. They do not know how to calculate the nutrients in each raw material they intended to use.

Ingredients have nutrients like cp, kcal fibre, phosphorus, etc with a level of percentage of the item mentioned above. It goes beyond just putting raw materials together.

Find out the percentage of nutrients in each raw material and that will help you to group, mix and give you what you want. Knowing the percentage of CP (Crude Protein) in each raw material will help you to calculate, adjust and get your desired cp percentage.

Feed calculator is one good app to help you achieve this. Fsh feed quality standard in terms of production is achievable with a feed calculator. For better understanding reach my post on how to make catfish feed at home.

Note this!

Please be careful where you buy your raw materials due to the following reasons:

  • Adulteration. Adulterated raw materials can make a mess of your final production. Adulteration makes the raw material fake which will not give you the right percentage of nutrients.
  • Carelessness. Most times the handler or seller of these ingredients does not care about the proper storage of these raw materials. If the raw materials are not well handled they can have fungi, and bacterial infections and could become toxic. There are a lot of factors to consider when going to the milling of feed for both poultry and fish. So, make sure you buy your ingredients from a reliable vendor who does not joke with his reputation.

Bonus Tips!

For best quality fish feed and to achieve or sustain fish feed quality standards I advise you get yourself a pellet machine.

Types of Pellet Machine

Pellets or extruders are different types of machines. The two are different though serving the same purpose in different capacities. If you have enough money to part with then a foreign extruder machine will be the best.

Capacity is very important depending on the scale of production. If you operate a small-scale fish farm then a pellet machine can serve but medium or large scale, minimum of 150 kg/hr extruder.

General Advice

  1. Ensure optimal conditions within the pond that will enable fish to grow efficiently.
  2. Provide the fish with the correct nutrition to grow within a stipulated production period.
  3. Fish meal is the best source of crude protein; the fish meal-based feed is best for optimal growth and most economical.
  4. Have a production plan that matches the marketing strategy of your locality.
  5. Water quality must be known and kept within normal during production to achieve optimal growth.
  6. The presence of Ammonia is the beginning of failure; indigestion, poor growth response, reduced immunity, susceptibility to infection, parasites, and predators. Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR): The Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) is the amount of feed it takes to produce a unit weight of fish. It is a measure of the efficiency of feed utilization. It is a critical parameter to monitor as it determines the viability of the enterprise in feed-based production systems.
  7. Ensure use of feeds with proven FCR of at most 1.2:1. They are the most economical.
  8. Management and Recordkeeping is the only way to evaluate your progress and profitability

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