Raising Catfish profitably: The Place of Passion

Raising catfish profitably

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Before you venture into any enterprise, kindly seat down and measure the degree of your passion for that enterprise. Motivation and your passion for success must count if you must engage in raising your catfish profitably.

How passionate are you? Is a question you have to answer for yourself.

Your passion is your drive against all odds. Every business has its share of challenges. You can hardly do anything successfully without passion.

Fund is not the first factor to be considered in catfish farming but your passion. Meanwhile, see our guide on catfish farming. Farms have closed down abruptly at the slightest challenges encountered, while few are waxing on despite all odds. The difference is passion.

How to Create and Sustain Passion for Raising Catfish Profitably

As we have said earlier, your inner drive is a motivation for the success of your business venture. Listed below are measures to take:

  • Set a goal
  • Write down your vision
  • Believe in yourself and keep hope alive
  • Get a mentor
  • Talk about your products
  • Join a team of positive-minded people
  • Help others to grow

Choice of Breed

I have heard the saying that catfish are catfish (meaning all have the same potential growth and development). Experimental trials have proven this assumption wrong! Though best managerial practices are expected in order to get the best in whatever breed of choice the performance of quality will still outshine the less quality under the same treatment.

Making a careful selection of quality breeds is a must for the success and growth of the first. The quality breed is the bedrock of a successful catfish business.

Guide to Quality Breed Selection.

  • Buy your seed from a reputable and trusted breeder.
  • Buying breed type. Insist to know the type of breed you are buying.
  • Ask questions from a fellow farmer about the breed you are buying.
  • You might need to carry out personal trials on the breed you wish to stock before buying it.
  • It will be much safer if you have the capacity to visit the hatchery of your supplier.

The place of your inner drive (Passion) and good stock (good breed) to start with are important factors towards raising catfish Profitably.

Written by Onoja Musa (CAFAN) and edited by Marywil Farms

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