Cost of Starting Poultry Farm in Nigeria

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Cost of starting poultry farm
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Good day to you and welcome back to this tutorial site where we will be showing you the cost of starting a poultry farm in Nigeria.

Over time, people who plan to quit their white-collar job to venture into agriculture, especially the poultry business have continued to enquire about what it will take to start. Starting a poultry farm in Nigeria is easy and difficult at the same time depending on the fund available to you.

Starting a poultry farm in Nigeria is good but you need to find out what it will take as regards the necessary requirements. I intend to give you my own estimate of what it will cost to start a poultry farm in this article.

Be aware that whatever information you read here is subject to change, meaning that the cost of materials around my area might be different from your own state.

Note: you can start a poultry farm with any amount available at your disposal if you intend to go on a small scale. As a matter of fact, you can’t talk about the best farming business ideas without first considering the poultry business.

Cost of Starting Poultry Farm

To set up a commercial poultry farm business in Nigeria, there are necessary requirements to put into consideration. The costs of items listed below are likely to differ from what is obtainable in the market near you.

Purchase of land                              N500, 000

2000 Blocks                                      N240, 000

Poultry house construction         N150, 000

1500 chics                                        N300, 000

Borehole drilling                              N400, 000

8 Battery cages                                N536, 000

Bundle of wire net                          N62, 000

Nails                                                 N18, 000

Plants                                                N360, 000

10 bundles of Zinc                            N135, 000

Nose mask                                        N2, 900

Robber hand gloves                        N500

Shovel                                                N5, 000

Wheelbarrow                                    N13, 000

Brooms                                              N1, 000

Hammer                                            N3, 000

Buckets for cleaning                       N400

Robber boot                                      N3, 000

Overall coat                                        N4, 700

Generator set                                   N84, 000

Estimated Total = N2, 818, 500

Aside from chicken feed, it will cost an average of two million eight hundred and eighteen thousand naira to start a poultry farm of about 1500 day old chickens.

Several factors come to play when venturing into this kind of business. They include;

  • Identifying which poultry sector you need to invest in: These include the egg sector, meat sector, feed production, and sector for processing the meat and the eggs.
  • Passion: Once you have identified your area of interest then you develop what I call strong zeal for building the business.
  • Strategy: Just like every other business, a poultry venture is built on strategy. You don’t just wake up one morning to start a poultry farm because others are succeeding in the business without finding out how there got there. Map out your own formula for success or you could use other farmers’ strategies to grow.
  • Continuous Learning: According to Abraham Lincoln, “you never go wrong when you consult the experts”. Through constant learning and consultations, you avoid business mistakes other farmers made in the past. Is advisable to seek the counsel of other successful farmers in the same industry. There is a saying that “best brain is the best gain”.
  •  Farm Location: This is the aspect that is very important for profit maximization. Set up your farm near an urban center, close to the market. Identify a strategic location so as to help with the easy movement of your farm produce.
  • Financial Aid: You need to be financially stable to do this kind of business on a large scale. You can seek for loan, grant, or rather partner with others. Partnership has always been the best option because you spread the risk among investors.
  • Hire an Expert: You either employ an experienced hand or pay for the person’s consultancy services. The job of an expert here is to guide you on what to do per time. Be reminded that an expert, in this case, must not necessarily be a veterinary doctor. It could be an agribusiness expert.
  • As a matter of fact, agribusiness experts are the best in the industry because they have knowledge of business and marketing. He/she will also advise you on the financial planning, housing design, and recruitment.
  • Recruitment: it is best practice for starters not to employ staff coming to work for the first time on a poultry farm. Recruiting an inexperienced person to work on your farm is a call for suicide.

Wrap Up 

Starting a poultry farm on a large scale requires a lot of money but is profitable at the same time. Understand that you mustn’t, like other poultry farmers, start with a day-old chick. You could actually start with chickens that are grown or point of lay.

The biggest investment in this business is in the area of farmland. If you already have land other costs become easier for you to handle.

No business becomes successful on its own if you don’t passionately nurture it. Therefore, it takes passion with a dedication to turning your poultry business into a profitable one.

The business includes but is not limited to egg production, meat processing, feed production, chicken breeding, equipment manufacturing, packaging, and marketing. So, to succeed first identify your area of interest then invest your time, energy, and money in it.

Now that you have seen the estimated cost of starting a poultry farm, what you need to do next is to start slowly and grow.

The final step is to identify a suitable market for your business. Never forget to have an online presence so as to help potential customers discover you.

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