Best Farming Business Ideas for the New Year

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Best Farming Business Ideas
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Welcome back. We have created this post to show you what we consider the best farming business ideas you can make money from.

You can term it “good agricultural business ideas”. Farming is as old as man. You could trace this back to Eden in the scriptures when God instructed the first man and woman to tend the garden.

Looking at what is happening to the economy of nations, there is no doubt that returning to man’s original source of livelihood (agriculture) is the best option.

The question now is; how viable is agriculture to sustain man? Well, if you put a seed of corn into the ground what you get in return will probably multiply by a thousand. That’s how viable agriculture is.

In this article, I will be showing you what I have compiled as my best farming/ agricultural business ideas you should consider for the New Year.

Fish Farming

Fish farming business falls among the most profitable small-scale farming business in Nigeria. You could venture into the business to help new fish farmers startup and expand their businesses. You could also make money by drying or smoking the fish.

Raising Rabbits

When thinking about best farming business ideas do not overlook rabbit rearing. This business can be done for a variety of different purposes within small pens or similar enclosures. The rabbit business is a money-spinner many are yet to explore in Africa, especially in Nigeria.

Duck Farming

Duck meat tastes better than chicken, turkey, and other birds. Are you surprised! Try and eat the meat to confirm for yourself. If you have tasted duck meat before just use the comment box below to tell me what you think.

Duck farming is becoming very lucrative in the country to the extent that unemployed university graduates are plugging into the business.

Vegetable Farming

Vegetables are the most consumed food items in the world. They are regarded as one the good agricultural business ideas. The business requires little capital to start, meaning that even an unemployed can start and manage the business.

You can’t talk about the most profitable small-scale farming without first mentioning vegetable farming.

Agric Clinic

The aim of having agric clinic business is to provide paid services for the enhancement of agricultural production and the income of farmers.

Snail Farming

I liken snails to gold because of their numerous uses and benefits to man. Snails are fast multiplying animals and could make one a millionaire in less than two years. This business doesn’t need much introduction as I have covered all you need to know about commercial snail farming here. Inadequate training before going into the business could cause you a lot.

Goat Rearing

It is surprising to know that goat meat is the world’s most consumed meat. There are three ways to make money through your goat farm; (a) selling the milk to cosmetics companies (b) commercial goat meat sales (c) the last but not the least is from selling the dropping as organic manure to farmers who are into crop production.

Cassava Cultivation and Processing

Aside from making flour and edible flakes, cassava peels are now a potential feed resource. The waste is now used for the production of animal feed. In 2015, CGIAR scientists working in its research programme on roots, tubers, and bananas developed innovative processing methods that reduce drying time to 6-8hours, yielding high-quality products that can be used to feed ruminants and monogastrics. The peels are an important cereal substitute in Europe, China, Thailand, and Brazil.

Poultry Egg Distribution

The distribution of chicken eggs is a long-term business with a small scale investment. Your success in the business is dependent on your ability to reach your local market. Well, this business is amongst one of the most profitable small-scale farming businesses one could venture into.

Irrigation system provider

Here you provide large-scale farmers with solutions to keep their crops alive, especially during the dry season. The business is a profitable agriculture startup opportunity.

Poultry farming

Everything about the poultry business is profitable both from the meat, eggs, droppings, etc. small investment, small space, and then big profit. You could see our article on the cost of starting a poultry farm.

Pig Production

Whether you believe it or not puck meat is taking over red meat (beef). Puck is white meat and is becoming more preferred to cow meat. A matured pig is sold for over eighty thousand naira (N80, 000). That in dollars is about $220. Pig farming business is one of the best farming business ideas anyone could think of here in Nigeria.

Turkey Rearing

This species of bird is known for its rugged spirit to survive in Africa. Mature turkey sales for as high as thirty thousand naira in Nigeria during festivities. One of the most profitable small-scale farming businesses in Nigeria today is turkey farming. Whether is done on a large scale or small scale you will still make enough profit.

There are ten (10) species of turkeys you need to know; Midget white, Black turkey, blue slate, Bourbon reds, Broad breasted whites, Beltsville small white, Narragansett, Standard Bronze, Royal palm, and White Holland. Anyone of the species you choose will still give you the profit you want.

Mushroom Farming

I know you will be wondering how one could make money growing mushrooms! Believe me when I say mushrooms sell like every other vegetable in the market. The good news is that it grows to maturity in just few weeks. This means you can get returns from the business in a matter of weeks.

In conclusion, there are other areas you shouldn’t overlook when looking at some of the ideas considered to be the best for farming business in this New Year, they are; rice farming, palm oil production, beans cultivation, plantain and banana plantation and tomatoes ( this fall under vegetables). They are what I call best farming or rather good agricultural business ideas

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