Cost of Feeding 1000 Catfish in Nigeria (2023 Review)

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Cost of Feeding 1000 Catfish
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There has been much debate about rearing of catfish in Nigeria, especially as it concerns the aspect of feeding. In this post, we will give you a general idea of what it will cost in feeding 1000 catfish in Nigeria.

The cost of fish feed in the market has over time discouraged new farmers from continuing in the business. If you find yourself in this category I believe you will learn what to do after reading this post.

Meanwhile, quitting is not an option. That’s the reason we have made effort to reveal to you the benefits of catfish farming you may not be aware of.

In my previous article where I discussed the formula for stocking catfish in the pond, I did mention that smart fish farmers resort to local feed production to maximize profit in their fish farming business.

What I intend to do here is to reveal to you how much it will cost in feeding 1000 catfish in Nigeria. Whether you are searching for the cost of feeding 100, 500, 2,000, 10,000, etc. This article is designed to give you the needed information and idea you’ll need going forward.

The intention is not to scare you away from venturing into the business but rather to help you understand what it takes as regards fish feeding.

Most farmers especially the newbies go into fish farming with the wrong information other farmers who are after selling off their fingerlings told them. Many started with thousands of fish without first getting prepared for the unforeseen (feeding).

Many were deceived into starting with 5000 fingerlings thinking that six months into the business they would become millionaires. Guess what! They all packed home frustrated before the sixth month.

That you have enough cash to start with 3000 or 5000 fingerlings is not an issue. The big question is, how prepared are you in feeding the fish for the next six months?

Pond construction, source of water, light-generating set, treatments, and maintenance are some of the things to consider as well but feeding is the most important aspect of the business.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s see my rough estimate of what it will cost to feed about 1000 fish in the next six months. At the end of my calculation, you will also see the need for you to learn how to produce your own fish feed.

Current Price of Fish Feed in Nigeria

The price of fish feed in Nigeria has been unstable for some time now. The reason is that there is food insecurity not just in Nigeria but in other African countries. There is no doubt that the recent trend has had a negative impact on the price of goods and services in the country.

So, whether you are interested in the cost of feeding 100, 200 or 300 catfish in Nigeria, the calculation below will give you an idea.

There are three most popular brands when it comes to fish feed and their current price is what we will use in this review. These brands are Coppens, BlueCrown, and Premium Fish Feed sells.

Coppens sells for N10,100

BlueCrown Feed is N10,500 and

Premium Fish Feed sells for N12,000.

Now, for the purpose of this article, we will make use of the average price which is the price of BlueCrown feed = N10,500

Cost of Feeding 1000 Catfish in Nigeria

You may be shocked to know that it costs over one million two hundred thousand naira (N1, 200,000) to feed 3,000 fishes to gain 1kg weight. I guess you’re surprised.

Feeding is crucial because that’s where 80% of your investment is going to go to. This is one thing to take into cognizance before you set out for the business. Now let’s go into the calculation proper.

Note that there are other cheaper feeds out there or you learn how to make your own catfish feed Do not be scared.

Step 1: Purchase of Catfish Juvenile

Cost of one (1) fish = N30

Cost of 1000 fishes = Number of fishes X Amount per fish

That is 1000 x N30 = N30, 000.

Step 2: Feeding plan for 6months

It takes about 1kg feed for a catfish to gain 1kg weight

Therefore, 1 catfish = 1kg feed

Your 1000 fish will consume 1000kg feed

1000 fish = 1kg x 1000kg

1000 fish = 1000kg feed

Now let’s see the cost of feed in Nigerian market so as to get our calculation right.

1 bag of fish feed is sold for N10, 500

1 bag is measured at 15kg

No of bags to 1000 fish = 1000/15 = 67 bags

The total number of bags to feed 1000 fish to gain a kg weight is 67 bags.

1 bag = N10, 500

The total amount of feed = Amount per bag X Number of bags

N10, 500 x 67bags = N703, 500

Therefore, the total amount to be spent on fish feed for the next 6months will be N703, 500

I would have stopped here but let me show you other things to record as you progress excluding pond construction. My calculation here will help your understanding into fish farming business as regards feeding and your profit.

Other Expenditure

Amount of patrol per month = N10, 000

For 6month will be N10, 000 x 6 = N60, 000

Transportation = N25, 000

Total expenditure = Amount spent on feed + fuel+ transportation

N703, 500 + N60, 000 + N25, 000

= N788, 500

At this stage, you already know what you are looking at when you want to start fish farming with 1000 fingerlings or juveniles.

Before I wrap up, let me show you the possible income to be expected if the other stages are done right.

Step 3: Sales

Number of fishes stocked = 1000

Possible number of fish left = 900 (in case of loses)

Average cost of 1kg fish = N2,500

Total number of fishes sold X price per fish

900 fishes x N2,500 = N2,250, 000


Profit = Sale – Expenditure

N2,250, 000 – N788, 500

= N1,461, 500


Looking at the amount spent on feed and the total profit at the end of the sixth month, you will agree with me that there is work to be done in terms of profit maximization.

What do I mean by that? Imagine you get N350, 000 cut off from the cost of the feed simply by formulating your own fish feed then the profit would double to become N1,881, 500. See our best catfish feed formula if you wish to maximize profit in catfish farming since the current price of fish feed in Nigeria has refused to decline.

Now that you have seen what it will cost in feeding 1000 catfish in Nigeria, you are advised to learn how to make local fish feed so as to maximize profit.

Share this post if you think is helpful. For those who may want to know the cost of feeding 100, 200, or 300 catfish can make use of the formula and factor other expenses.

Note: This is our own rough estimate to give you an idea. We do not claim that the calculation is 100% accurate.

You can send in your reaction through the comment section.

75 responses to “Cost of Feeding 1000 Catfish in Nigeria (2023 Review)”

  1. Ur estimate for feeding is wrong cos the price of feed is not same through out. The price for 2mm is different from 3mm,4mm,6mm and 9mm with 2mm being the highest price. Feeding will not take much as estimated in ur budget

  2. Thanks for the general idea. It go a long way I thinking through the whole enterprise of fish farming particularly the feeding aspect.

  3. Why raise my Juvenile for 6 months? And also, you failed to explain why and how the idea of 1kg feed = 1kg fish for 6 months came abt. Meaning from ur proposal, I can decide to raise my fish(juvenile) for 4 months and still spend the same amount on feed, with same quantity of feed. Why should it be so? And what’s the basis for calculating and estimating the Quantity of feed to be used in respect to the “period” of raising the fish?

    • What we have here is rough estimate for people to have an idea not a 100% calculation. You can as well work your own out.

  4. Well done, but i think prices vary at every point and there are other means some fish farmer get to feed their fishes to cut down price.

  5. Thanks for the expository. My question is, how do I determine the quantity to feed a catfish per time. U said 1kg per fish

    • you need to be observant while feeding your catfish. The moment the rush for the feed reduce you stop feeding. They always rush to feed so, once they slow down is an indication they are satisfied at the moment.

    • Actually, there is no fixed price for that. What you do is to go with what you have at hand(cash available).

      Also understand that the bigger the pond the more money you are likely to spend.

  6. I love fish pond business but don’t know how to go about it or start. Please I will be happy if you teach me.

    • I like you interest but we are not into fish pond business. Just keep in touch we might find something for one

  7. Please I need a clear estimate on raising 200 catfish starting from juvenile to fingerlings with cost of feeding at different stages of growth. Thanks

  8. Nice expo.
    Kindly direct on how to produce catfish feeds locally on your own without having to buy.
    Thank you

  9. Pls where is it true that after rearing the fish ,its been sold for 800 cause I even buy it more than that in the market

  10. All fishes that’ are left after six months might not be of the same size and consequently lead lower weight not meeting the expected 1kg, so reduce number of fish that you expect to be sold at that #800. So you wouldn’t be shocked at the end… Or probably run into great loss.

  11. Please with the rush estimate,how can you calculate rush estimate for four months and the numbers of bag to be used for four months. Thank you

  12. It’s very useful, please kindly help me with the tips on how pond preparation before stocking fish, as in, fertilizer or something should be stocked in pond water a week or days before fishes are to be put in the pond. And I will also like to learn on how to formulate fish feed locally. Because what I learn about fish feed is not locally feed. Thank you so much as I await your reply

  13. Thank you very much I intend to go into fish farming by January 2021 I hope this will go q long way to help me start

  14. Excellent piece. Thanks for the presentation. It is a good guideline for practical fish farmers.

  15. God blessed u, I have learn something very important. I wish to know how to produce the feed locally.

  16. I am a fish farmer, but I stoke some fish that never grow to a kilo for 9 month after buying them from fingerlings. Somebody now came to my fram an call them highbreed. Pls how do I know the different kind of breed? And how can I really make my fish grow equally? Lastly what can I really do for my fish to grow faster and fat?

    • There is no faster way to grow fish outside quality feeding that can convert easily. Make sure your feed is reach in crude protein

  17. Good morning I’m preye from Bayelsa I want to start my catfish farm next week pls and I’ll be using three ponds for three thousand juveniles for a start up, how can I go with this feeds that my Challenge right now and I have no experience Idea right now because it the first time I’m going into this

  18. I want to know the cost of raising my catfish from post fingelins to melange size thank you for the write up.

    • What your fish needs to attain 1kg size is 1kg of feed . Kindly, work the maths as a lay man. Assuming a 15kg bag of feed is 6k. What is the cost of 1kg. That is 6000 divided by 15 what it gives you will give you an idea

  19. This is a very good exposition to understanding fish farming. As we all know prices of feed has gone up to the tune of 13k for 6kg feed of 1.3mm and 14k for 12.5kg 2mm.
    As a new person to fish farming what will be your candid advise to raising 500 to 700 fishes from Juvenile to 6months. Thank you

  20. How did you come about the price of N2,200 per kg of fish. Across Nigeria, I dont know of any place where catfish sells for N2,200 per kg

  21. I think I enjoyed your lesson. But does appear you deliberately over bloated the cost of selling 1kg fish which you put at 2500 yet you know that the cost of selling 1kg fish right now hovers around 1300-1400. Nobody sells a catfish of 1kg that amount unless hotels and joints who are end users.
    Thanks for your analysis

  22. I am surprised you can sale your fish for up to 2500 per kg, abeg u de buy from Uyo, make I follow sale my own give you at that rate. Abi u just de whyne people wey want jump enter make Dem think say profit dey this thing well well?

  23. Thanks very much for your estimate,
    Your selling price is totally kg of catfish are sold between 1300 to 1500 Nair but you said 1kg is 2500 naira.

  24. Thank you for this explanation, please I need market to sell my table size catfish, either local or international market

  25. Please price of fish per kilo in ibadan,all through 2022 till date is #1,000 per kilo .
    More importantly the buyers will be grading sizes, 700g to 1kg is #900 per kilo.and 1kg to 2kg #1,150 per kilo all manner like that.
    Price is ma problem in catfish business we need to come to round table to determine price.
    Catfish business is going down the drain .
    My name is Oladeji Olatunji Bolaji, comment by on
    Price is too bad here in ibadan.

  26. Wooow this is wonderful the explanation is so detailed, I love it.

    I wish to have your contact or email because I want to know the details in setting up an hatchery. I’ve the details before but it’s been long I left this field and I want to start again. Many thanks MAXIMUM RESPECT

  27. Is there no watsapp chat were we can come together and reason together about the price per kg of fish

  28. The preview is very interesting,
    I have a space in my compound that am considering to use for fish farming but to Excel in these I need to be tutored extensively.
    Your guide will go a long way in achieving this dream. Thanks for this information.

  29. This page answers basically everything I want to know about cost and profit about Fish Pond, I really appreciate it’s helpful. ❤️

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