How to Start Small Vegetable Farm in Nigeria

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Small Vegetable Farm
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A lot of people especially the young graduates who have been taught how to start a small vegetable farm have ignored the venture for flimsy excuses best known to them. In this post, we will equally look at scent leaf farming in Nigeria.

Some see the vegetable farming business as an insult to their academic degree, while others do to pride refused to give the business a trial.

Vegetable farming business in Nigeria happens to be one of the most profitable ventures to rake millions from. Starting small as I often say does not mean you will remain small. You are permitted to start small but at the same time think big.

A few months ago, I received an email inquiry from a student after teaching them how to start a small vegetable farm. The massage reads: “ Good day sir, thanks for your lectures today. Please I need your help. What is the most profitable vegetable to grow? My reply a few hours after asking questions was “in my own opinion, I think the most profitable vegetable to grow in Nigeria is scent leaf.

For the purpose of the email, I will dwell more on scent leaf farming in Nigeria since it proves to be very profitable. Moving further, let’s see different names the vegetable is called, how profitable it is, and the best time to make the most money from it.

Another Name For Scent Leaf

There are different names the scent leaf is called in Nigeria.

  • The Ibos call it nchuanwu or arigbe
  • In Yoruba land is called effirin
  • In Hausa it is called daidoya
  • While in Ibibio is called ntonng

I mentioned earlier that it is one of the most money-making vegetables to grow in this part of Africa. Aside from that, the leaves are popular among Nigerians due to their usefulness.

The leaves are used not just to cook food but as medicine for so many diseases. I have carefully researched what scent leaves can be used. Below are my findings:

  1. Helps in getting rid of mosquitoes
  2. Relieves heartburn
  3. It reduces fever and cures malaria
  4. Lower blood sugar
  5. Healthy for the heart
  6. Used to solve the problem of indigestion
  7. Improves fertility in men
  8. Helps the woman’s reproductive health and
  9. Maintains the health of the eyes and mouth.

The list is endless but we must have to stop at number nine. There is an already market for the business because of all the above-mentioned benefits.

Things to Consider Before You Start Small Vegetable Farm

In every business venture, there are certain things you must know before you begin. In as much scent leaf among others is the most profitable vegetable to grow, there are unavoidable steps you must take if you must be successful in the business.

You must have the following:

Knowledge/ Experience: This is the first step to take before embarking on any business venture. Like they say knowledge is power. Here you ask questions, learn the technicalities, the times and seasons, what challenges vegetables, the best way to grow them, etc.

Farmland/ Soil type: Farm location and the soil type matter when embarking on anything vegetable business. Vegetables grow better on loamy or humus soil and require a considerable amount of water. While considering location also consider access to water in case you plant during the dry season.

Capital: In my other article, I covered how to raise capital for your farm. What you need as a beginner since is just a small vegetable farm is about N50,000.

Your Market: This is where most farmers get it wrong. Vegetable is a perishable food, you don’t harvest before looking for buyers rather you get buyers ready before the harvest. Once you get this stage right your N50,000 initial capital will give up to N500,000.

How Much Can I Make in Scent Leaf Farming?

Just as I thought, I knew this is what you would be asking yourself right now. Upon research, I found that scent leaf farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable vegetables to grow whether you are a student or a graduate.

The amount you make growing scent leaves depends on your output. There is no limit to what you can earn if you understand the little plus and minus involved ( knowing the best season to make the most money from your farm).

Generally, the vegetable farming business is a multimillionaire venture. In 2016, Anambra State Government led by Chief Willie Obiano made the sum of £5 million from vegetable export (ugu leaves to be presides). A few months later the British government asked him to send scent leaves to them and that made him richer.

A small ridge is sold for a minimum of N5,000 (five thousand naira). That is to say that when you have about 20 to 30 ridges you can generate between N100,000 to N150,000 monthly.

Think of what a farmer with a large expanse of land could be making monthly. All am trying to say is that there is untapped gold in the business.

What is the Best Time to Plant Scent Leaves?

Just like a few other vegetables, nchuanwu as the Ibos call it is a money-spinner if you understand the times and seasons. Vegetables are mainly planted during the rainy season while few farmers extend to dry seasons through irrigation method.

You could make a good income during the rainy season but consider what would happen to your bank account when you plant during the dry season. The business pays the most in the dry season because of its scarcity and smart business farmers leverage on the opportunity.

Final Note

Is advisable for one to start a small vegetable farm instead of waiting endlessly in search of white-collar jobs.

Scent Leaf farming is simple, cheap and easy to begin and there is no limit to what you make when you understand the market not only in Nigeria but in other part of Africa. Planting during the scarce season (dry season) makes one an instant millionaire.

Online research shows that vegetable farming especially scent leaf is the most profitable business to start in Nigeria. You should also see my article on organic business ideas so as to have a better understanding of farming.

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