Farming Business in Nigeria: Escape from Unemployment

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farming business in Nigeria
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Over the years, agriculture as man’s original source of livelihood suffered neglect following the discovery of crude oil. The agricultural sector was the most flourishing sector of Nigeria’s economy in the 70s. in Nigeria today, the business of farming that gave hope to many families has been neglected.

The recent oil crash globally had an adverse effect on Nigeria’s economy, since oil was the major business the government focused on and that led to a massive loss of jobs.

Well, farming as a business will serve as a bailout both for the government of Nigeria and individuals who lost fortunes as a result of the oil menace.

This article promises to show you why farming is the way out of poverty and unemployment for individuals in this country. So grab a cup of coffee as you read on.

The Place of Farming Business in Nigeria

UNICEF reports that over the next 35 years, two billion babies would be born in Africa. Nigeria being the most populous African nation will definitely have the largest share of the population.

On the other hand, if Nigerians fail to embrace agriculture there is the possibility that millions will be jobless in the nearest future.

The job market is disorganized following the government’s inability to create jobs or rather empower small-scale industries. Going back to man’s original source of livelihood will produce more entrepreneurs than job-seeking fellows.

The government, however, can use agriculture to tackle the country’s vertical myriad of problems. These include but are not limited to education, employment, food security, and hunger.

In case you are confused about how to start your own farm or area of farming to consider, we already have that covered. Below is the list of some viable agribusiness you should consider here in Nigeria;

  1. Fish farming
  2. Goat rearing
  3. Poultry farming
  4. Commercial snail farming
  5. Vegetable farming
  6. Grasscutter farming
  7. Plantain plantation
  8. Pig farming
  9. Maize farming
  10. Rice farming
  11. Cassava farming
  12. Beans farming
  13. Pineapple farming
  14. Commercial duck farming.

You could actually select one of these farming business ideas above to start rather than wait for the government to create jobs. That way you become an entrepreneur creating jobs for other unemployed Nigerians.

Solutions Agriculture Propose to Nigerians

Overdependence on oil and importation brought the economy of this Nation to where it stands today. As a matter of fact, the strength of any nation lies in what she produces not what she consumes.

The following are some of the solutions farming propose:

Employment/ Job Security:

In the real world, no employer wakes up in the morning to think about his employee’s well-being. He wakes up thinking about how to expand his business, not to advance or make himself rich. When you feel your future is guaranteed to work for another individual, my friend, have a rethink.

Pay attention!

The only job security you are guaranteed is in your own establishment. That’s why I encourage job seekers to start their own farm no matter how little.


According to the dictionary, the word freedom means ‘liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another.

Independence is what entrepreneurship promises, though it comes with its own challenges. Steve Courage of Africa Business University says “if you forgo freedom and pursue job security (proposed in whitecollar Jobs) you’re simply avoiding the price for the greatness you desire”.

Today, I have my own fish and snail farm. I answer to no boss, no more pressure of 8-4 job. I also work at my own pace without the fear of being queried by any employer. That’s what I called real freedom.

Let me conclude by saying this; is either you endure the pains of starting your business today or risk getting fired from your job someday.

Wealth /Growth:

The agricultural sector was the most viable sector of Nigeria’s economy before crude oil was discovered. It contributes to the GDP and will continue to enrich African Nations.

Have you ever seen an employee who is truly rich? How many years will it take an employee to save up N10,000,000 assuming his monthly salary is N50, 000? Yet, a fish farmer I know makes up to N5, 000, 000 annually.


The desire for food makes agriculture a venture that will never stop flourishing. Nigeria’s population is estimated to be about 190million, meaning that whatever area of farming you’re engaged in ( crop production, animal husbandry, food processing) there is already a market for you.

Farming business in Nigeria as I earlier said guarantees freedom, and job security, and can as well make you rich.

What are you waiting for? You are the one who can answer that question!

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